Training Standards

As a direct consequence of this growth, the government training standards in Abu Dhabi are being centralized through The National Security Institute ( NSI ) to further enhance public safety & security in the UAE & Internationally.

Centralized Training Of National Standards

The National Security Institute (NSI) opened its doors for training classes in February 15th, 2009 with Two hundred (200) student guards attending the Basic Security Guard (BSG) Course.

To date, after nearly six (6) years of operation, the NSI trained more than 150,000 students from over 30 countries employed by more than 40 licensed security companies and the numbers are growing!

Aside from the Basic Security Guard Course, the NSI also offers other advanced training courses such as:

S# Course Name Duration
1 Basic Security Guard (BSG) 5 days
2 Security Supervisor Course 5 days
3 Special Events Security 2 days
4 Cash-In-Transit (CIT) 5 days
5 Hotel Security 3 days
6 Bank Security 3 days
7 Hospital Security 3 days
8 X-Ray / Screening Training ON Application
9 CCTV Security Training Course 3 days
10 CNI Security Course (AWAITS) ON Application
11 Customer Service Course ON Application
12 Oil & Gas security Attendant Course ON Application
13 Ports Security ON Application
14 Civilian Firefighter Training Course 2 days
15 First Aid 2 days
16 Annual Basic Security Guard Renewal (ABR) 3 days
17 Security Supervisor Renewal 3 days
18 Special Events Renewal 3 day
19 Cash-In-Transit Renewal (CITR) 3 days
20 Hotel Security Renewal 3 days
21 Bank Security Renewal 3 days
22 Hospital Security Renewal 3 days