About NSI

The United Arab Emirates has long been keen to enhance its role in developing the private security sector to be more professional, keep pace with future security needs, and achieve the government’s aspirations to be at the top of countries that enjoy security and stability. For that, it has invited experts from several countries in the fields of legislation, security training and Middle Eastern culture to conduct several pieces of research on the private security industry in the country, applying the best practices applied in regulating the private security sector to be of service to the police and security agencies in maintaining the security and protection of society.

Our Values

Work‘s Loyalty

Sincerity in training our clients and providing high quality integrated services.

Creativity & Innovation

Encouraging creative thinking and foresight for the future in order to continuously and distinctively develop our services.

Integrity & Transparency

The commitment of our staff in applying of legal standards and professional ethics in the work, and dealing with clients.


We seek to provide a work environment that promotes a culture of teamwork and team spirit.

National Security Institute (NSI)

Within the framework of the governance of this sector, the Federal Authority, currently known as the “Private Security Firms Regulatory Department,” was established to administer and organize training, examination, licensing, and supervision of the private security industry. Following the requirements established by Federal Law No. 37 of 2006 and its executive regulations regarding the work of private security companies, led to the establishment of the National Security Institute in 2008, which was entrusted with the responsibility of training private security personnel upon the training curricula approved by the competent authorities.

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