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The concept of training is no longer a traditional concept limited to attending and organizing traditional courses, awarding attendance certificates, and passing the exam. Still, it has become a strategic option in the investment and human resource development system. Training and development must find their highest value in every successful institution and company.

Since the nature of the work of the National Security Institute is to develop the private security industry in cooperation with the competent authorities in the country, it has sought to consolidate the bonds of partnership with private security companies by providing theoretical and practical hands-on training courses for private security personnel following the best curricula and training programs that are in line with developing new crimes & techniques in the belief that security is the basis for achieving sustainable development goals. NSI has played an essential role in serving the community and spreading awareness about occupational safety on dealing with fires and emergencies like earthquakes and natural disasters through the Community Safety Trailer, which is unique of its kind in the Middle East.

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