Cash In Transit Course



CIT course is designed to prepare the private security guard to cope with day-to-day challenges during the performance of his duties when transferring cash/valuables and enable him to identify & respond to common risks & situations in CIT environment in order to ensure the safe transportation of valuables/ cash with emphasis on the safety of the guard & members of society.

Course Content Introduction to Cash In Transit
Introduction to CIT operation & procedures
Roles and responsibilities of private security guards
Orientation to CIT vehicle & communication system
CIT Security threats, vulnerabilities and risks
Customers service effective Communication Skills
Radio Communication skills
Dealing with traffic problems
Self-defense skills
Writing security reports
Dealing with armed attack
Basic first aid
Crowd Control
Inspection of persons, vehicles and parcels
Preserving crime scenes and evidence
Course Eligibility 1. high school diploma
2. security experience in the field of police and security or armed forces
must be no less than 5 years with at least 2 years thereof inside the State.
3. Height -160 cm
4. Must be licensed in the state either by ASSD, PSFRD or SIRA for two years.
5. Must be fit
6. To speak both English and Arabic or at least either of them
7. Age 26- 55 years
Course Duration 6 DAYS
Course Pre-requisites 1. Passport copy/ Emirates ID
2. Filled registration form (available upon request)
3. Photograph
4. Medical Certificate
5. Education Certificate
6. ASSD License if available
7. Previous NSI Certificate
Course Assessment The course is featured with Initial assessment, Formative Assessment and the Summative assessment to enable not only to assess and evaluate learning but also to assist in enhance the learning.

Unless otherwise specified by the authorities, the course assessment criteria are as under:
Written Assessment 40% (70% Pass Marks)
Language Skills Assessment 20% (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Participation)
Notebook Maintenance 10%
Deportment 10%
Practical Assessment 20%
Physical Assessment (SOPAT Test)
Self Defense Test

Candidates securing 70% of the above are considered PASS and are eligible for certification.

Course Certification Candidates who pass written assessment & module assignments shall receive an NSI CIT Security certificate aligned with the PSFRD framework.
Targeted audience Candidates who want to be licensed as CIT Guard after passing BSG/SOL3 course.


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