About the NSI

In October 2001, UAE has called Canadian Experts in the fields of security legislation, security training and Middle East culture to conduct a number of researches about private security industry in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, this occurs simultaneously with establishment of regulatory agency “the Private Security Business department” to manage ,organize training, examine and license in order to enforce and oversight of the private security industry.


Between 2003 and 2006, the Abu Dhabi Model evolved to Federal Law No. 37 of 2006 which was promulgated in January 2009.


As an immediate result of Federal Law No. 37 of 2006, the private security regulatory authority became the Federal Regulatory Authority now known as the Private Security Company Organization Department (PSCOD) responsible for oversight of the private security industry at the national level. This led to the establishment of the National Security Institute (NSI), which was given the responsibility of creating training standards in the UAE for security guards, and which considered as training arm to PSCOD .


Vision: Leadership and excellence in the provision of services to the private security training, occupational safety and health in accordance with the best international practices to attain a more secure and safer society.


Mission: We at NSI seek to develop and implement private security training programs, occupational safety and health in accordance with the highest international standards ,to develop abilities and skills to private security guards to be mentally, physically and morally qualified to enhance the safety and security of our society.


Value: NSI’s management has identified five corporate values on which to base its work, it represents ethical charter directed toward functional relationships and human behavior in the Institute, On the basis of the realization of the NSI’s management of the importance of the corporate values in building an ideal and effective work environment and as an administrative tool linking the institute and its staff
And as a driving force to create a unified organizational culture to guide the human capacity to achieve the targets of the Strategic Plan. The National Security Institute corporate values are as follows:


Work‘s loyalty: Sincerity in training our clients and providing high quality integrated services.

Creativity & Innovation: Encouraging creative thinking and foresight for the future in order to continuously and distinctively develop our services.

Integrity & Transparency: The commitment of our staff in applying of legal standards and professional ethics in the work, and dealing with clients.

Teamwork: We seek to provide a work environment that promotes a culture of teamwork and team spirit.

Partners: Strengthen the dialog and relations with partners through the building of an interactive strategic relations with them.

NSI-at a glance

NSI has participated on the state regulation concerning civilian private security services with UN office on drug and crime, experience has proven that civilian private security services provide states with resources, if it regulated properly, then it would contribute significantly in crime prevention and enforce community safety through recording and sharing information with general police.


H.H Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan The deputy prime minister and Minister of Interior offered full support to prepare a preliminary handbook for state regulation security services 2014 which had been translated into Spanish, Arabic, and French.


Due to the continuous change of the different challenges, NSI always seeks to develop the private security industry, create new standards which prevent any gaps security guards may encounter during their duty. To face those challenges and protect the community, NSI initiated a security guards notebook which includes rules and regulations and PSCOD violations, the book also has a bunch of orientated guidelines, assist security guards to receive and record information, refer to them whenever needed.