Juma’a Al Nuaimi (Abu Dhabi) The National Institute of Security has received the certificate of the best international training institute in the Middle East and Asia by Heifield International Credits. Khalid Saeed Al Shamsi, Managing Director of the Training and Consulting Sector, said that the National Security Institute is keen to provide the best services in the field of private security according to international and international standards and adopts scientific training methods and theories in a balanced manner between theory and science. Excellence and outstanding performance in keeping up with the developments in various specialized professional training fields. He pointed out that the National Security Institute is keen to improve the performance levels in the fields of vocational training in the field of private security, and is working on the best standards and attract the best consultants, experts and equipment and provide the academic academic environment specialized to obtain a selection of trainees professionally qualified for the profession. Ali Darwish Al-Falasi, Executive Director of the National Security Institute, said that the Institute serves a variety of sectors in the country, including the public and private sectors, health, education, petroleum, aviation, banking, sports and the industrial sector. Vocational training.