Quality Policy

NSI aims to participate in training, rehabilitate, and increase private security guards’ quality in the UAE through comprehensive training services based on quality services and client satisfaction.

To achieve these goals, the institute adopts sharing management technique, career empowerment’s policy, and motivate teamwork’s spirit; the institute is committed to improving its operations and services continuously via quality management principles as follow:

  1. Total quality management aims to spread NSI’s vision and policy at all levels and contribute to creating the best management practices and applications and developing employees’ skills.
  2. Implementing international standards (ISO 9001) TQM.

In order to achieve that, NSI approved quality goals which are reviewed annually to assure its adaptability to the institute’s vision for future development; moreover, the NSI is committed to continuously improving the quality management system according to the concerned legal and statutory requirements.

Quality is substantial responsibility to all NSI employees; our trained and qualified staff are committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

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